Swiss dolomite powder with herbs

The ingredients of CORIALITH show various effects on your well-being

Already early in the history, people discovered water rich in minerals from the glacial streams. They called this water which was mixed with superfine rock particles and thereby gray colored “glacier milk”.

We call the dried version of this glacier milk “CORIALITH” and have refined this Swiss dolomite rock powder addi tionally with herbs.

CORIALITH is a pure, natural powder of primary rocks made of micronized Swiss dolomites enriched with seeds and herbs which are finely ground to an average grain size of 6 micrometer by a special grinding and mixing process. Thereby CORIALITH has a surface of approx. 118 m2/g (in comparison, powdered minerals typically have a surface area of approx. 6 m2/g).

CORIALITH contains mineral and micro nutrients such as calcium, chromium, iron and silicium as well as the ingredients from psyllium powder, fennel seed powder, fenu greek powder, nettle seed powder, maqui berry powder, dried baobab and bamboo fibers.

CORIALITH acts as a base with a pH of 9.0.

Complemented by fine seeds and herbs

Simple preparation


Step 1

Best you fill the CORIALITH in a shaker
Step 2

Step 2

Add 1-3dl of water

Step 3

Attention: CORIALITH must not come into contact with metal.
Step 4

Step 4

Enjoy the CORIALITH best in the morning or evening before going to sleep